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Coursera公开课课件: 密歇根大学模型思维(Model Thinking)

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 密歇根大学模型思维(Model Thinking)课程二月份已经在Coursera上开过一轮课,新的一轮课程将要在9月份开始,以下是整个课程的课件下载链接,有对该课程感兴趣的同学可以关注:


Introduction: Why Model?

Segregation and Peer Effects


Decision Models

Thinking Electrons: Modeling People

Categorical and Linear Models

Tipping Points

Economic Growth

Diversity and Innovation

Markov Processes

Lyaponuv Functions

Coordination and Culture

Path Dependence


Randomness and Random Walks

Colonel Blotto

Prisoners' Dilemma and Collective Action

Mechanism Design

Learning Models: Replicator Dynamics

Prediction and the Many Model Thinker


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Keyword Extraction

TensorFlow Tutorial

Sentiment Analysis

Free Article Spinner

Text Analysis Online

Text Processing

Word Similarity

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