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Coursera"密码学(Cryptography)"公开课由斯坦福大学Dan Boneh教授授课,曾于2012年3月12日开过一轮课。今天收到邮件,新的一轮课将于6月11日开课,错过上一轮课的同学或者对密码学感兴趣的同学可以关注:

从邮件内容来看,本次课程和上次课程基本一致,不过今年秋季会有扩展的密码学课程公开课,称为Crypto II. 以下是邮件的详细内容:

Dear ***,

I wanted to let you know that the crypto class is starting up again on
Monday June 11. If you were not able to participate in the first iteration
and wish to re-take the class please sign up at

The class starting on June 11 is mostly identical to the crypto class
that just ended. It will run for six weeks and cover the same material.
The extended class with new material is planned for the fall and will
be called Crypto II.

I also wanted to remind everyone that the final exam is out and due
on June 11. We will send out Statements of Accomplishment shortly after
June 11.

Have a great summer and I'm looking forward to seeing you at a future class.


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Keyword Extraction

Text Processing

Word Similarity

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