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Coursera推出关于”大数据(Big Data)“的公开课:Web Intelligence and Big Data

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Big Data最近很热,刚才在Cousera网站上转了一下,发现8月份除了之前说的5门课外“2012年8月份Coursera将有5门公开课开课”, Coursera还紧跟潮流的推出了一门和大数据(Big Data)相关的公开课:Web Intelligence and Big Data,授课老师是印度理工学院德里分校的Gautam Shroff教授,与印度工学院合作,一方面说明印度理工学院够牛,另一方面也说明Coursera的影响力越来越大!



The past decade has witnessed the successful of application of many AI techniques used at `web-scale’, on what are popularly referred to as big data platforms based on the map-reduce parallel computing paradigm and associated technologies such as distributed file systems, no-SQL databases and stream computing engines. Online advertising, machine translation, natural language understanding, sentiment mining, personalized medicine, and national security are some examples of such AI-based web-intelligence applications that are already in the public eye. Others, though less apparent, impact the operations of large enterprises from sales and marketing to manufacturing and supply chains. In this course we explore some such applications, the AI/statistical techniques that make them possible, along with parallel implementations using map-reduce and related platforms.



Introduction and Overview 

Look: Search, Indexing and Memory
Listen: Streams, Information and Language, Analyzing Sentiment and Intent
Load: Databases and their evolution, Big data; technology and dimensionality
Learn: Classification, Clustering, and Mining, Information Extraction
Connect: Reasoning: Logic and its Limits, Dealing with Uncertainty
Predict: Prediction: What is ‘interesting’, and why? Predictive Analytics in Business, 
Applications in National Security
Applications in Online Advertising
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Keyword Extraction

Text Processing

Word Similarity

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