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Coursera公开课“面向机器学习的神经网络(Neural Networks for Machine Learning)"推迟至10月1日开课


Coursera上原计划于9月17号开课的”面向机器学习的神经网络(Neural Networks for Machine Learning)“,将推迟值10月1号开课,以下是来自于该课程授课老师Ceoffrey Hinton大牛的邮件:

Dear xxx,

My course on Neural Networks for Machine Learning will start on Monday October 1 which is two weeks later than originally planned. It has taken much longer to make the videos than I anticipated. Sorry about the delay.

Geoffrey Hinton

时间: 2012年 9月 15日 分类:机器学习 作者: 52opencourse (24,880 基本)



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