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第一:  老师都是用手写的方式授课,很亲切;

第二: 每个视频都很短,基本不到5分钟;

第三: question很多,并且都附有answer,而且你也可以跳过这些question和answer.


另外,之前已经开过一轮课的CS101 (Building a Search Engine) 和 CS373 (Programming a Robotic Car),经过反馈后已经上课的节奏完全交由学生自己把控,既没有截至时间,可以花任何时间来完成这门课程,这对于时间比较紧张的工作族来说是非常必要的。以下是来自CS101老师关于此的一个答复:

Dear students,

We have listened to the feedback from the first round of courses about how awesome, engaging, exciting and educational, but also time consuming, our classes are. We are aware that most of you have many commitments in your life - job, family, studies at offline brick-and-mortar universities, house, garden, pets, vacations, travel plans, and many other things that are incompatible with our deadline based course model. Therefore we have decided to see if making our courses self-paced will enable more people to enjoy our content and learn new and exciting things.

The two courses that are offered for the second time - CS101 (Building a Search Engine) and CS373 (Programming a Robotic Car) will have no deadlines, and you will be able to work through them at your own pace. You can start at any time, and take as much time as needed to finish the course. This self-paced version of the courses will stay open and accessible for everyone, even if at later time a revised version of these courses will be released.


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CS101 wiki链接其实在另一个问题里已经贴了,也可以在起官方主页每个课程里的“wiki”下找到:

Text Summarization

Keyword Extraction

Text Processing

Word Similarity

Best Coursera Course

Best Coursera Courses

Elastic Patent

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