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Coursera公开课介绍: 社交网络分析(Social Network Analysis)

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Coursera公开课"社交网络分析(Social Network Analysis)"已于前段时间开课,从课程介绍来看,主要关注社会网络分析中的理论问题和计算工具两大方面,课程将用到开源的可视化工具Gephi和R语言,以下是该课程的介绍视频:



Social Network Analysis

Lada Adamic

This course will use social network analysis, both its theory and computational tools, to make sense of the social and information networks that have been fueled and rendered accessible by the internet.

About the Course

Everything is connected: people, information, events and places, all the more so with the advent of online social media. A practical way of making sense of the tangle of connections is to analyze them as networks. In this course you will learn about the structure and evolution of networks, drawing on knowledge from disciplines as diverse as sociology, mathematics, computer science, economics, and physics. Online interactive demonstrations and hands-on analysis of real-world data sets will focus on a range of tasks: from identifying important nodes in the network, to detecting communities, to tracing information diffusion and opinion formation.


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