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在Coursera机器学习课程首页看到的消息,因为新注册的学生比较多,为了照顾新注册的学生,其头两周的作业截至时间推迟一周,以下是来自Andrew Ng的详细说明:

Due Dates Postponed

Hello all,

We realized that many new students have been signing up for the class over the last few days. To give everyone more time to complete the homeworks, we decided to push the deadlines back by a week, so the first two sets of review questions are now due May 5th. To get started, please watch the first week's videos, after which you can complete the first two sets of review questions. If you finish ahead of time, also check out the Discussion forum and see what others are saying in the class.

Welcome again to the Machine Learning class, and best of luck!

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Text Summarization

Keyword Extraction

Text Processing

Word Similarity

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